Berlin Food Week

More than 50 restaurants are participating in this year’s Berlin Food week running from September 17th – September 23rd and will present an American inspired menu.

Each of them will interpret the theme RoastTrip with its own unique style and will determine the number of courses and the price category, ranging between 19, 29, 49 or 79 Euro.

This year’s theme is affected by the Berlin Food Week partnership with the USA.
A good piece of meat, strong barbeque flavors and crispy grilled vegetables but also a lot of freedom, creativity and enjoyment – this is what RoastTrip stands for. Foodies and restaurant lovers can indulge in special US-beef cuts and sample delicious California Wines Deutschland when trying the Stadtmenü in various places throughout the city from Britz to Berlin Mitte.

Click HERE to make a reservation for Belle Alliance during the Berlin Food Week!

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